Teeth Cleaning Exams

Teeth Cleaning Exams

There are several dental procedures that you may have heard referred to as “Dental Cleanings.” Some of these procedures are performed to prevent periodontal disease from occurring (Preventative), while others are performed to either stop or reverse the effects of the periodontal disease process (therapeutic).

ADA Code 1110/1120 Prophylaxis Adult/Child Cleaning (Preventative)
This is a routine cleaning of the permanent teeth of a patient whose gums are in NORMAL CONDITION WITH NO PERIODONTAL DISEASE PRESENT. A prophylaxis is a preventative treatment and is intended only for patients with no history of periodontal treatment or signs of periodontal disease. It includes the removal of plaque and calculus (tarter) from the crown of the tooth above and/or sometimes slightly below the gum line. The teeth are also polished. Many plans cover this cleaning at 100%. If you have gingivitis but no periodontal pockets your dentist may determine that you need to have this performed more frequently than every 6 months. In this case there is an additional surcharge according to your schedule of benefits.

ADA Code 4355 Full Mouth Debridement “Generalized cleaning” (Therapeutic)
This type of cleaning is for patient’s that present with gums that are NOT NORMAL (I.E. bleed easily, excessive tartar, and/or pocketing). This cleaning is for the removal of plaque and calculus, which obstructs the ability to perform an oral evaluation. This is a therapeutic treatment, not preventative care, and it has an additional surcharge according to your scheduled of benefits.

ADA Code 0180 Periodontal Evaluation and Treatment Planning
This procedure is done when there is one or more pockets 5 mm or deeper. We measure the spaces between your teeth and gum tissue. (Normal measurements 0-3 mm with no bleeding). Pockets are measurements of 3 mm and above with or without bleeding

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