Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

ADA Code 0180 Periodontal Evaluation and Treatment Planning
This procedure is done when there is one or more pockets 5 mm or deeper. We measure the spaces between your teeth and gum tissue.

ADA code 4341 Pe riodontal scaling and Root Planing
This procedure removes plaque and calculus from both the crown and root of the tooth. Scaling and Root Planing is very time consuming and often requires local anesthetic. This is therapeutic treatment indicated for patients with periodontal disease and has an additional surcharge according to your Schedule of Benefits.

ADA Code 4910 Periodontal Maintenance Procedure (following active therapy)
This procedure if for patients who have completed periodontal treatment and includes removal of bacteria flora from under gums, scaling, and polishing of teeth, periodontal evaluation and review of patient’s plaque control efficiency. Typically, an interval of 3 months between appointments results in an effective treatment scheduled, but this can vary depending upon the judgement of the dentist.

ADA Code 4381 Localized Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents, Per Site
As an adjunctive or supplementary therapy we use Chemotherapeutic agent Arestin. It is inserted into a periodontal pocket to reduce bacteria and inflammation associated in bone loss. For short term use.

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