Only Floss the Teeth you want to keep!

Hi, I’m George Hitzel DDS and welcome to my pre-blog party.

I’ve already written one post but I’m stuck on an airplane and I’m on my first blog roll. If you are reading this you may be a patient of mine, and thank you! Or you may have met one of my awesome associates and one or more of my fantastic Hygienists along with our amazing front desk staff. They all know their stuff; they’re helpful, courteous, always well meaning, great people.

We also have some great “behind the scenes” folks who make everything that goes into your mouth, literally. Our assistants clean, replace, wipe down, and sterilize everything you see or touch in the offices, it’s a BIG job and important.

And lastly but certainly not least, our lab. These folks are why we are different and frankly better than most dental offices in town. These technicians are in the back of our Clearwater location peering steadfastly into microscopes to make sure what goes in your mouth is microscopically perfect! You see, in dentistry, details are important and we strive to give you that level of service.

Together I am very proud of our team, from the Doctors, Manager, Front Desk, Assistants, Hygienists and Lab Technicians. If you are a patient here at Hitzel Dental thank you. If you haven’t met us and you are looking for a new dentist, we’d love to meet you.