Welcome to Dr. Hitzel’s first blog post!

Welcome aboard to the first Hitzel Dental Blog post.

I’ve never written a blog post nor have I read one so if you are still reading this…., thank you! I hear a blog is suppose to be informative and, of course relative.

As you can imagine I spend a lot of time thinking about, you guessed it..teeth. I love teeth teeth, I love your teeth. Each and every one of us has the most amazing gift, a smile. It can convey so much. A smile can brighten someones day, it can land you a job, it can seal a deal, it can make someone love you.

It’s amazing all that and you are not even using your teeth for what they were intended, chewing, eating, masticating (Big Word). Each tooth in its shape and position in your mouth is specially designed for very specific functions. Without each and every tooth in its place and cared for properly, we risk damaging so much more than our ability to eat. So you’re missing a tooth, you look a little different, you’re married, you got a job, you closed the deal, who needs it, right??? YOU DO, and my job, my passion is to help you.